Museum HIDA

Passing down the craftsmanship and spirit of Hida to the present Museum HIDA is an exhibition facility in the HIDA EARTH WISDOM CENTER.

Permanent Exhibition: Hida no Takumi (Master Craftsmen of Hida) People in ancient times said of the Hida no Takumi (Master Craftsmen of Hida) that “their skills are so necessary that they should be exempt from taxation.”

The spirit of these master craftsmen, which has been passed down for 1300 years, is still alive today in a variety of fields, including architecture, furniture, sculpture, craftworks, and more.
Museum HIDA introduces the vibrant history of the master craftsmen of Hida that has been continuing from ancient times as well as their products that are full of designs unique to Hida, including a future that has been developed using the skills inherited from these master craftsmen.

Users Guide

Operation hours of Museum HIDA 10: 00 to 17:20
* For group visits, operation hours will be extended until 20:00 if a reservation is made.
Closing days of Museum HIDA Tuesdays (if Tuesday is a national holiday, the following day) and from December 29 to January 3
Museum HIDA: Admission fees Individual Group
Adults / Children / Adults / Children
¥500 / ¥200 / ¥400 / ¥150
Adults: High school students or older
Children: Elementary and junior high school students Children of preschool age: Free
Group: 20 persons or more
Museum Shop: HIDA Many of the products and works that are exhibited in the permanent exhibition site of Museum HIDA may be purchased at the Museum Shop. Please stop by the Museum Shop.
Permanent Exhibition Hida no Takumi (Master Craftsmen of Hida)


History of Hida Furniture

The Hida region lives with the forest. Hida culture has been fostered over the centuries, always with wood.
This woodworking culture expanded into furniture manufacturing in the Taisho period (1912-1926). You can learn the continuing history of Hida furniture here.

Modern Hida Furniture

Today, Hida is the area with the largest production of chairs in Japan. Approximately 100 chairs produced in Hida have been gathered here, including its long-selling and best-selling chairs, body-friendly chairs, and comfortable and excellently designed chairs. You can sit in all of the chairs and enjoy their comfort.


History of “Hida no Takumi” (Master Craftsmen of Hida)

The Master Craftsmen of Hida traveled to the capital and displayed their skills in the building of shrines and temples over several hundred years, starting in the Asuka Period (592-710). Their sincere and excellent skills and spirit were passed down and this tradition can be seen in buildings and festival floats. The history of Hida no Takumi (Master Craftsmen of in Hida) that is still alive today is introduced here.
Museum HIDA has three special exhibition rooms in addition to the permanent exhibition room.