Hida Convention Hall(Event hall)

Various events and conventions such as trade fares, displays, shows, large-scale conferences, concerts, and simple sporting events can be held here.

  • Hida Convention Hall
  • Hida Convention Hall
  • Part of the truss and some of the chairs are made of wood, symbolizing Hida's culture of wood.
  • With 480 moveable seats, a maximum of 2,000 people can be accommodated.
  • Because the moveable seats can be put in various configurations, for a conference with 500-1,000 people, the seats can be moved up to the front and fixed there, leaving the rear part of the room open for a display area.
  • With heated flooring, comfortable events can be held even in winter.
  • Wooden truss

    Wooden truss

  • Green room

    Green room

Area 1,960 m² (When the raised stage, or a temporary stage is used, the area is 1,650 m².)
Capacity 2,000 people (Moveable chairs: 480; Placed chairs: 1,520)
Floor load 1 ton/m²
Main facilities 400 inch screen, which can be opened and closed; air conditioning and heating; floor heating system; electrically controlled elevator stage with trapdoor
Additional facilities Five green rooms