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A guide of sight to see

Hida's panorama picture (inside the Welcome Plaza)
This picture, looking down at Takayama City, gives a 360-degree view of the natural surroundings of the city. The beautifully and painstakingly produced picture gives a panoramic view of Hida. At 2.3 m high and 16 m long, it was created to be a symbol of Hida Center. Furthermore, the production of this 360-degree panoramic picture is the first of its kind in the world. The artist was Heinz Vielkind, the only successor to the world famous panoramic artist Heinrich C. Berann (1915-1999), who created the official Olympic panorama art for such Olympic pictures as that of Cortina, Rome, and Innsbruck.
panorama picture
panorama picture

The Tree Clock (inside Welcome Plaza)
We attempted the reckless task of making a tree clock, which was masterfully carried out by Hida craftsman Hagiwara Yoshizo. Another symbol of Hida Center, this giant tree clock measures 2.7 m high and 1.7 m across. In it you can find the spirit of Hida's craftsmen handed down from ancient times. The Tree Clock comes from a 400-year-old horse chestnut tree that was decaying deep in the Hida forest. Into this was inserted a clock mechanism and a mechanism to sound the time. For a tree that had reached its time, a Hida craftsman has breathed new life into it.
The Tree Clock1 The Tree Clock3

Shibukusa-yaki Ceramic Board (Approach Square)
The ground unearthed during the construction of the Hida Center was reused to form this board using Hida's traditional ceramic-working method, Shibukusa-yaki. The artist, a 6th generation potter in the Shibukusa-yaki style, was Toda Ryuzo. Embodying the quintessence of a craftsman's skill, this huge work measuring 45 m is composed of 144 interconnected 1.8 m high by 30 cm wide ceramic boards. The theme is outer space. And since the facility opened in 2001, it was felt appropriate that it should be entirely blue, to show the limitless expanse of stars in the Milky Way.

Ceramic Board image1 Ceramic Board image2

Drop curtain (Hida Geijutsudo)
Mr. Tsuchiya Reichi, an artist from Gifu Prefecture and a member of the board of trustees of Nitten, created this.
The title, "Cloud", was named for the dawn.
To celebrate the opening of the first large-scale cultural facilities in the Hida region, the Center has received a donation from Takayama Financial Association.

doncho image2 doncho image3

Relief (Elevator Hall, 2nd Basement, Main Approach; Hida Hall, 1st floor Howaie)
This work was created by the sculptor Kawahara Ryusaburo. The central concept is "young people, raised in and in touch with this environment of plentiful light and nature, which has spent time, building up and communicating the passionate traditional culture, fly off from Hida to the rest of the world."

Main Approach (Elevator Hall, sub-basement)
Title:"L'energia del popolo di HIDA"
Expressing "the passion of the residents of Hida."

L'energia del popolo di HIDA L'energia del popolo di HIDA

Hida Geijutsudo(High grade multi-purpose hall)
Title:"L'energia dei giovani di HIDA"
Expressing "the youth of Hida flying out to the world."

L'energia dei giovani di HIDA L'energia dei giovani di HIDA