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Hida Museum

This is the Hida Museum!
Regular exhibition (Basement & first floor)

"Hida People" deals with the various internal and external forces, starting with the natural environment, which acted on people's lifestyles in the creation of this local culture. We explore and research Hida People's lifestyles from four perspectives, namely: living, prayer, ingenuity, and design. Various methods have been employed to display the results.

Temporary exhibition (second floor)

551m2.With roughly 330 tatami mats worth of room, this exhibition room can be divided into two rooms of 188 m2 and 306 m2 each.
@In addition to special exhibitions or touring exhibitions, the room can also be rented for gallery use.
The Center has such temporary exhibitions as "Hida and the World," "Rediscovering Hida's Culture," and "Revitalization of the Region."
Library (second floor)
You can freely review books which deal with Hida.
Digital Museum Workshop (second floor)
Information about the living culture of the Hida region has been put into a digital database to be sent both locally and externally.
@This room is furnished with a homepage production system with processing and editing capabilities for both graphics (both animated and stills) and sound. For a fee, it can be used by the general public.
Research Section (second floor)
The various lifestyle technologies and production activities of the people of Hida have been investigated, and that information is distributed. This is the focal point for Hida Research.
Storage areas (third floor)
There are two storage areas, a special one and a general one. The floor area is 1,425 m2, the height 6 m. Unfortunately, neither is open to the public.