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Main Aproach

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At the main entrance to Hida Center you enter through a 9 m gate, the symbol of the center, and climb an external stairway of 68 steps, which face the city of Takayama and the mountains of Hida. When you reach the top, you arrive at Fureai Square at the first floor. Also, along the way up the stairs there are paths, and to the side of the huge Shibukusa-yaki ceramic picture there is an external stairway leading down to an escalator and elevator, which take you to the basement, where Welcome Plaza is located.

Adjacent to the external stairway azaleas have been planted. Visitors arriving when they are in bloom will be greeted with beautiful red and purple flowers.

Shibukusa-yaki Ceramic Picture
The ground unearthed during the construction of Hida Center was reused to form this picture. The artist, a 6th generation potter in the Shibukusa-yaki style, was Toda Ryuzo. This huge picture measures approximately 45 m across and 1.8 m high. It expresses the limitless expanse of space.
Shibukusa-yaki Ceramic Picture image

Relief (Elevator Hall, 2nd Basement)
The title is "L'energia del popolo di HIDA." It was created by the sculptor Kawahara Ryusaburo. It is a bronze relief expressing the "passionate residents of Hida."

relief image1
relief image2

The path of the tree
With a length of 90 m and a width of 1.8 m, this wooden sub-approach has a gentle slope. Walking through the azaleas planted on the side of the external stairway, you come in touch with nature during the four seasons. This path was created thinking of Hida's tree culture.

Constructed to allow children and families to better enjoy their visit, the slide makes use of the different elevations of site, and runs along the external stairway.